The Private Domain FAQ

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  • What is "Private Domain"?

    The public Mailinator system is a unique email system in that there are no password, no sign-up required, and no privacy. Anyone can read any email at all.
    Wouldn't it be nice to have your own PRIVATE Mailinator?

    Your domain.
    Every possible inbox.
    Private to you.

    With other goodies such as private storage, our unique OneBigInbox interface, and API access!

  • So it's like an entire Mailinator system, but just for my domain?

    Yes, you can set a custom private domain. You must own this domain (e.g. Follow the instructions on the settings page to point the MX record of your domain to the Mailinator servers. Again, all email sent to the private domain is readable only by your team.

  • Wait. Every single email in one inbox?

    Yes. That's the OneBigInbox ! The good news however is that OneBigInbox allows you to filter based on a specific inbox (i.e. "bob") or wildcard queries on inboxes (i.e. "test*").
    Your choice - see one inbox at a time, or see thousands at once!

  • How do I get started?

    Mailinator's upgrade plan's give you access to the Private Domain feature. Check out our Pricing page now to signup for a free trial and get going!